Sunday, January 9, 2011

Manga: Wish

            A four Manga series by Clamp, where this guy meets an angel. I read this series in high school and I loved it so much, its a lot like Oh My Goddess!
           Kudo walking sees this little girl being attacked by crows, he saves her, and she proclaims she is an angel. Kudo is at first in denial about the whole thing. You see according to this book, angels and demons when low on energy stay in a chibi form to conserve energy.
           Kohaku the angel wants to repay Kudo and grant him a wish, but he is happy with what he has, so she stays with him until he decides. Koryu is a demon equivalent of Kohaku, and ties to hurt and attack her all the time, towards the end Clamp implies that he only teases Kohaku because he has a crush on her.
          Koryu has twin cat lady minions Hari and Ruri, who do everything for him, they love him so much that they start fighting all the time.
          God gets mad that Kohaku stayed on earth so long but loves his angels, Kudo gets in a accident and dies. Kohaku gets real sad and god decides to let her sleep until Kudo is reincarnated. In the end Kudo is reincarnated and is a teen at the time, because of him Kohaku awakes, and loves him instantly and follows him. The teen having no memory of his past life is kind of freaked out, but accepts it and thats how it ends. I hope some day they make another part to the series but I doubt it.

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