Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anime: Spice and Wolf

          Spice and Wolf is a different anime than I usually watch; this anime somewhat funny, it does make you think, and definitely addicting. Spice and Wolf is about a traveling merchant in a European style world, he has been traveling 7 years; his goal being to save enough money to own his own shop.
           Kraft Lawrence the salesman, meets Holo a young looking woman whom  is actually a wolf deity which has brought the town she lives near a good wheat harvest pretty much every year. Holo says the town people have forsaken her so she wants to go home in the north with Kraft.
          He agrees only because he thinks she could help bring in some extra cash, but during their travels her personality and help with making more money than usual, cause them to get into bad situations that they can only get out with their smarts. You can tell through out the season they start to grow feelings for each other, but Kraft is to dull to show his feelings, and Holo is a wise wolf she isn't going to do the chasing.
         Currently theres only a season one out in English but season two should be coming soon and I cant wait to watch it. definitely a must watch for me at least.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorry guys

                I'm watching about 6 anime to make more blogs. So here is a AMV I found, its beautiful well made and will make you cry. Please Tell me about a few more anime so I can keep blogging.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Anime Movie: Tales From Earthsea

      Tales From Earthsea is a Studio Ghibli film that I recently watched. This anime was a good film on its own but it didn't feel like that awe inspiring film that i'm use to.
      Arren a teen prince kills his father, he had no reason to but there was this burning unknown rage inside of him. Arren after running off meets the arch wizard Sparrowhawk. He journey's with Sparrowhawk to a city, Arren gets separated and saves this girl from slavers, her name being Therru. During the rescue his hidden rage boils over and defeats the slavers, but Therru gets mad because Arren doesn't care about human life when the slaver said he would kill her.
     Arren falls asleep on some steps and wakes to being beaten by the slavers with reinforcements, and takes Arren as one of their slaves. Sparrowhawk finds Arren and frees him, taking them to Tenar's farm a friend. They stay at the farm working and plowing, the same girl Therru lives there as well and hates Arren at the beginning.
     Sparrowhawk leaves for a day, as Arren and Therru start to get along, when the slavers get caught up with Arren but wants Sparrowhawk. Arren leaves because he feels his rage may hurt his friends and ends up at Cob's castle; the slaver boss and a wizard rival of Sparrowhawk's. Cob's henchmen takes Tenar as bait and leaves Therru as a messenger tied up to the fence.
     Sparrowhawk tries to save Tenar but gets locked up with her, leaving only Therru to find Arren and free him from being under Cob's control. Cob is a wizard whom doesn't want to die, and uses forbidden magic. A big fight scene happens between Cob Arren and his magical sword he could never unsheathe, And Therru comes into battle as well. I wont ruin the ending all in all its a good medieval wizards and dragon type movie. But it just doesn't seem as compelling as Spirited Away, Howl's Castle and other beloved films.
    Still I suggest watching it because its a good film on its own.
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