Friday, December 31, 2010

Anime: Tenchi Muyo

           Tenchi Muyo has 3 different series all revolving around the same characters. This is a very funny harem series with Tenchi stuck in the middle, all series are based on science fiction, comedy, relationships.
           Tenchi is the hero 2 of the many girls have crushes on him and fight over him all the time. There is a genius, a couple of space police, a little girl and Tenchi's father and grandpa.
           Tenchi- strong, brave, half alien not shy but indecisive, all the friends revolve around him.
           Ryoko- strong, alien space pirate, knows what she wants, tries to get Tenchi to be intimate with her.
           Ayeka- a space princess which has the same blood as Tenchi, also fights with Ryoko to be with Tenchi, a bit snobbish but good hearted.
          Sasami- Ayeka's sister most mature out of the girls, cooks well, and is very sweet.
          Washu- a alien super genius use to be evil, but because of Tenchi's friendship she is good.
           Mihoshi and Kiyone-  A couple of space pirates Mihoshi is very klutzy and is a airhead, Kiyone the more mature and best friend of Mihoshi, says Mihoshi holds her back but wont leave her.
          Ryo-Ohki- is Ryoko's space ship that can take the form of a tiny bunny that meows.
          Tenchi's grandfather Yosho- turns out to be part of the same royal family Ayeka is from.
          This is a great anime about relationships, friendships, and doing whatever it takes to protect the one you love, with great action and comedy.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anime: Please Twins

             Please Twins is a funny spin off of Please Teacher with some of the original characters. Some of the characters you may remember is Mizuho, Kaede, and the last episode you see in the end; all of the original characters meet up.
            Maiku is a programmer and is only in high school; he is currently alone. one day a redhead named Miina; comes to him showing a picture of when they were kids, saying they are twins. Maiku is annoyed but in the end lets her stay. A day or two later another girl named Karen comes with the same picture saying she is his twin. All three have the same picture and they all i have blue eyes, but only one is related to Maiku.
           The three not only have to deal with the fact that one may be family to Maiku, but the girls get feelings for him, Miina's is more perverted with real love, and Karen loves him but don't understand her feelings.
            Maiku- is uptight and likes things his way, he is also the most mature of the three.
            Miina- is hyperactive, physical, and slightly perverted, she makes the plans out of the two girls.
            Karen- is the shy, quiet, sweet type, that can cook, she also faints when surprised which happens a lot.
          The last episode they do find out who is the sister and the other fears being kicked out, Maiku says he will do anything to have them both stay which includes even marrying the non sister. You have to find out yourself who the sister is, this show is a definite must watch but I strongly suggest watch Please Teacher first.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anime: Please Teacher

            Please Teacher is very funny and romantic, (haha) I seem to like those anime. Please Teacher is about a boy who has a disease where he goes comatose after feeling emotional stress called standstill. the boy Kei at 15 went into a standstill for 3 years, but all his memories and body is still like he was 15.
            One day he sees a alien spaceship and witnesses a beautiful woman, just then he goes into a standstill. Kei wakes thinking everything was a dream, going to school the next they get a new teacher; the beautiful red head Mizuho.
            Kei remembers her and she tries to stop him from telling anyone, getting accidentally stuck in the sports closest. The principle opens the door, and she almost gets fired but Kei and his family step up, and say he is married to her and he is actually 18. Kei and Mizuho quickly make up the papers get married and live together and they barely know each other.
            Now Kei and his beautiful teacher have to learn to love each other after marriage, while not telling his group of their married.

                        Characters: Kei - held back, learns that in order to stop going into standstill he must move forward with his emotions.
                                          Mizuho- beautiful, naive, teacher of the group of characters, jealous, sweet, and half alien.
                                          Koishi- Kei's closest friend she loves Kei, because he seems more mature than regular boys, causes relationship issues between Kei and Mizuho.
                                          Ichigo- the shortest of the group, says things beyond her age, likes being mischievous.
                                          Kaede- tall, red head, shy, quiet, easily blushes, and later in the series gets in a relationship with one of the guys.
                                         Hyosuke- loud, obnoxious, dreams of a world outside his little town, one of the more funny characters.
                                         Matagu- the most shyest of guys, dreams of meeting a alien in real life, even considers confessing his love but his shyness stops him.
                                         Marie- Mizuho's ship control and a very funny little creature that loves pocky.

              All other characters you will have to see in the anime, because I consider this group the main characters. I'm going to talk about Please Twins a spin off of this anime with a few of the original characters, please watch this first.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anime: Oh My Goddess!

                 Oh My Goddess! is a favorite anime of mine, its a romance and comedy; that is different than most I've seen.
                This anime is about Keiichi a college student that has constant bad luck. Keiichi is in the motorcycle club and gets stuck with all the chores, During the chores he tries to make call for something he forgot to do.
                 The call gets redirected to the Goddess hotline, and Belldandy appears before Keiichi. Belldandy offers any wish he may want, not believing her he jokingly wishes for Belldandy to be by his side forever, which of course came true. Anything that tries to separate them will be stopped, example: because theres a girl in the dorm, the club members kicked him out of the dorm.
               The first night together they slept in a  car, getting to know each other. Because Belldandy did a little magic, they got a place to live at a monks house, soon after he sees Belldandy singing heavenly and decides he isn't holy enough and needs to go on a trip giving them the house totally. Belldandy is pretty much Keiichi's good luck charm but as you can tell through the series he loves her and she loves him.
             Keiichi takes forever to makes a move, I don't think he even kisses her till closer to the end. What makes it worst is Belldandy 2 sisters come to live with them. Urd is the eldest sister and is part devil, she is very sexy, lazy, loves television, and is always trying to make Keiichi's relationship with her sister to go faster by trying to make him have sex with her. Skuld is the youngest genius and and wants all Belldandy's attention, absolutely cant stand Keiichi being near Belldandy.
            This anime is great and i suggest watching it, there are 2 series and a movie.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anime: Witch Hunter Robin

              Witch Hunter Robin is a fantasy drama, action, and secret society type anime. The story is about STN-J a company called SOLOMON, But it mostly revolves around a STN-J member Robin.
              Robin is a craft user of fire, whom was raised in  a catholic church in Italy. Robin is the newest member of the group, she is very antisocial but grows to get use to her group. The main plot is her and the group of friends catch awaken witches, witches could be anyone and it seems when they awaken there power drives them insane or murderous. SPOILER: as Robin realizes herself she finds out the witches that they capture is actually taken to do horrible experiments on to find the witch gene, to be used in war.

               Characters: Robin is a 15 year old girl with fire-kinesics, she has the memories of a 1000 witches, and wants peace with humanity and witches.
                                Amon is Robin's partner and vowed to kill her if she becomes destructive, he isn't a witch but has the gene.
                                Haruto is the second newest member because of it he is afraid of Robin replacing him, and does reckless things because of it.
                                Michael is the hacker of the group, he is either to work for the group or die, and therefor cant leave the building.
                               Miho has the power to read the past and past emotions of objects that have been touched or around others. she tries to help Robin get even better with her craft.
                              Yurika is a lazy, vain, and immature young lady whom is a undercover intelligence for SOLOMON, to find more info on Orbo.
                              Chief Inspector Shintaro a short tempered main that updates the progress of the group to the upper guy.
                              Tokuma transforms witch blood into Orbo, which is used to stop witches.

                all in all its a great anime a definite must watch a few times over.
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