Friday, January 28, 2011

Anime: Samurai Champloo

Left to Right: Jin, Mugen, Fuu
       Samurai Champloo is a action packed comedy from the creator of Cowboy Bebop. Before I tell you more about the show, I want to explain the characters. Fuu a young girl who is cute a little naive and is always hungry, her main mission is to find a samurai  that smells of sunflowers. Jin is a stoic Samurai, whom is more like a traditional Samurai and is smartest of the group. Mugen was pretty much raised as a orphan and fighting style shows it, Mugen is a leach, a drunk, and easily to anger and just loves to fight and be stronger than others.
      Fuu's mom died recently and she lives with a couple she works for in a restaurant. A group of rich pompous gentleman start a fight while Mugen is there, Mugen breaks in and a whole huge mess starts to happen in the restaurant. During this fight a fire starts, during this fire Jin comes in wanting a drink not even paying attention to the fire. Mugen and Jin start to fight, Mugen just likes Jin's capability and Jin is just defending himself. They fight until the smoke suffocates them, and wake up in jail going to be killed for murder of the guy burned in the fire.
     Fuu rescues them on a couple conditions, first no killing each other, and to be her body guards as they look for to find the sunflower samurai. During the journey they have man obstacles cool battles and funny moments. Every port or place they go either the guards get drunk or get in some sort of trouble, or they out of money and starving. The anime is narrated by the cop who is following them trying to capture them.
   &nbrp;The show is great and I suggest watching it from beginning to end, can you guess who the samurai their  looking for is?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

           This is a funny anime and will have you involved the whole way through, originally there was only one season but I heard they finally came out with a season 2.
            Even though the story revolves around Haruhi Suzumiya, the main guy telling the story is Kyon. Haruhi is a eccentric girl whom wants to meet ghosts, espers, time travelers, and anything paranormal. Haruhi is bored with life none of the after school group interests her even though shes good at all of them.
            Kyon is a normal human whom got in the same class as Haruhi, he is very cynical and doesn't believe in that kind of stuff. Thanks to Kyon Haruhi got the idea to make the SOS Brigade, their own class group for finding paranormal activity.
            Haruhi steals the book reading club and the only member Yuki, and steals a shy redhead Mikuru, and last male member Itsuki joins, and finally she steals the computer clubs best computers. Haruhi drags them everywhere to make their club better or to help its cause to find paranormal activity.
           After a while Kyon finds out Yuki is a robot creature to keep watch on Haruhi, Mikuru is a time traveler to keep watch on Haruhi, and Itsuki is a espers or physic also keeping watch on Haruhi. Kyon finds out Haruhi is like a god with her own imagination she can recreate reality if she gets bored, she somehow subconsciously made it where all her friends she found was the paranormal activity she was looking for, Kyon being the exception. If Haruhi gets bored and finds out her powers she can change all reality as she knows it, Kyon gets into one her false realities by accident, and he stops Haruhi from changing everything by kissing her.
          This anime had me engrossed to bad it was only one season when I watched it, I should check out the next.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anime: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

           Abenobashi is a funny short anime about summer adventures with a best friend. First I want to explain the characters: Sasshi's a young nerd and pervert he has many hobby's like collecting, video games, sci-fi, and staring at girls. Arumi is Sasshi's best friend, she is flat chested a tomboy, she is also realist and very smart. later you find a wizard or scientific guy named Eutus whom seems to pop up everywhere.
          Sasshi finds out Arumi is moving and this is there last summer together, Sasshi is torn apart by this then when there walking together; Sasshi sees his grandpa falling off the roof.
          Sasshi and Arumi start seeing weird stuff and by some incident get transported to a RPG world kind of like Final Fantasy. they have to fight there way around this weird world: mostly Arumi using Sasshi as a shield. They meet a weird busty red head searching for a guy, and a wizard Eutus wizard, whom is the guy the girl is searching for. In the end they figure out the world and a little guy transports them home....but they get transported to another world.
        Turns out when Sasshi sees his grandpa die and Arumi leaving he couldn't handle reality, and each world is a weird version of the town based on his hobby's. A young guy like that just can't handle that many saddening moments and just shuts down, Eutus teaches him the ways of universe transportation. Eutus tells him the story about the redhead, she use to be his grandma whom feel in love with Eutus in the real world; and when she either left him or died that part i don't remember, Eutus used the cities powers to create a world where she exists. According to Eutus though no matter what you can't bring a loved one back, no matter what world you create, you will never see your grandpa and must grow up and deal with your emotions.
       This anime is funny especially for us hobbyists, it has a great morale story to it, and some sad parts all in all it's a great anime and I suggest watching it.
This is a Zaney AMV that might show the craziness of the show.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anime: Read or Die the TV

             R.O.D. is about the main protagonist Nenene a famous writer with writers block, ever since her friend went missing she just can't write till she finds out where she is at.
             Nenene goes to a book signing where a terrorist tried to kill here because he cant get his on book published even though he thinks its a masterpiece. The 3 ladies she had stayed the night before, because the terrorist blew up Nenene's hotel room. Michelle, Maggie, and Anita protected Nenene during the terrorist attack using paper powers. The three girls have paper powers depending on what there good at they can bend there paper to what they want even clothes.
             Michelle is a blonde klutz but is the leader and eldest of the three sisters, she bends paper for long range attacks like bow and arrows. Maggie the tallest sister kind of awkward likes dark small places, she makes huge objects like animals to help with moving around even flying. Anita the youngest is the weird one she absolutely hates and fears books, she uses her paper skills for close range cutting.
             Nenene's manager hires the three girls to protect her but she doesn't want the protection she is a strong woman but the girls end up living with Nenene, which she hates at first but grows to enjoy the sisters company. Most first part of the series is them getting use to each other and the occasional mission for money to retrieve artifacts for this mysterious group of people. The rest of the series is Nenene and the girls learning about the group, the sisters past, where Nenene's friend is, and the most interesting is a group that uses these books of there dead masters memories whom apparently was a genius. In the end of the series they want Nenene's brilliant mind to transfer their master into her.
            This is one of those stories that no matter what part its on it will have u hooked and feeling emotions to each part, happiness, sadness, loneliness, and victory and triumph.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anime: FLCL

              FLCL is a zany anime about 6 episodes, its about a young boy and a older alien women and a bunch of randomness.
              Naota is 12 years old a normal boy living a boring life, there are rumors of a Vespa woman (Wasp) which gives you a hickey type mark on your neck. Naota after school walking home gets hit by Haruko a 20 year old alien woman in a scooter.
              Naota goes home annoyed and weirded out with a mark on his forehead which he covers with a band aid. The next day he goes to school and is called a pervert and was bitten by the Vespa woman.
            I should mention there is a mechanica factory in there town which is very eerie. Mamimi is Naota's older friend and and ex to his brother. The mark on Naota's gets bigger and soon sprouts the first robot out of his head called Canti, which Mamimi thinks is a fire angel and some sort of protector. Haruko The alien stays at Naota's house as the maid and lives in his room.
          Haruko is looking for what seems like a boyfriend or a man she lost, and Naota fuses with Canti to create that guy, and summons a guitar out of his head and uses it as a bat, to deflect a meteor from hitting his city. Naota love Haruko but she doesn't want him, she wants the guy shes been looking for. Haruko leaves and thats pretty much the end.
             FLCL has many random scenes, and can be very perverted. Its the type of show that u have to watch at least three times in order to get it but many I spoken to loves the show.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Manga: Wish

            A four Manga series by Clamp, where this guy meets an angel. I read this series in high school and I loved it so much, its a lot like Oh My Goddess!
           Kudo walking sees this little girl being attacked by crows, he saves her, and she proclaims she is an angel. Kudo is at first in denial about the whole thing. You see according to this book, angels and demons when low on energy stay in a chibi form to conserve energy.
           Kohaku the angel wants to repay Kudo and grant him a wish, but he is happy with what he has, so she stays with him until he decides. Koryu is a demon equivalent of Kohaku, and ties to hurt and attack her all the time, towards the end Clamp implies that he only teases Kohaku because he has a crush on her.
          Koryu has twin cat lady minions Hari and Ruri, who do everything for him, they love him so much that they start fighting all the time.
          God gets mad that Kohaku stayed on earth so long but loves his angels, Kudo gets in a accident and dies. Kohaku gets real sad and god decides to let her sleep until Kudo is reincarnated. In the end Kudo is reincarnated and is a teen at the time, because of him Kohaku awakes, and loves him instantly and follows him. The teen having no memory of his past life is kind of freaked out, but accepts it and thats how it ends. I hope some day they make another part to the series but I doubt it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Anime: Comic Party

            Comic Party is a short series that is pretty funny, its has a minor romance as well but this anime is more about following your passion and following your dreams.
            The main character is Kazuki, in his senior year he is wondering what to do with his life, he is a fantastic artist. Taishi is a class mate that pushes Kazuki into comic conventions and tells Kazuki he wants them to make a group to make comics for a living.
           Kazuki at first doesn't understand anything about comics, he starts making ones that has a little bit of every genre, which fails miserably which causes Kazuki to almost quit. His best friend through junior high Mizuki tries throughout the series, to stop him saying he is wasting his time, and she is also is creeped out by the whole anime nerds type thing. Mizuki though hating that kind of stuff, is the one that helped Kazuki not quit, she wanted him to follow his passion, but she likes the way he use to draw.
        Kazuki decides to make a comic based on his own style, him and all his friends help him finish and copy all his work in a few hours when all the printing places are closed, just to barely finish in time for the comic convention.
       Kazuki meets a few anime friends on the way through the series, two rival artists whom fight a lot, daughter of a printing company, a fellow new comic artist, and a few cosplayers. even though this anime is short I love it because it makes you feel with friends you can follow your passion.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anime: Inuyasha

            Most people know Inuyasha but i still want to talk about it since it was my favorite for many years.
            It starts out as a young girl Kagome, and she falls down a well. The well takes her to the feudal era, where demons still exist. There she meets a half dog demon Inuyasha, whom first tries to kill her for the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. A demon bird steals it, Kagome gets the idea to use its leg they chopped off to shoot a homing arrow, which shatters the jewel across the world.
          Inuyasha and Kagome have to get along to get the jewel, which Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo the priestess protector of the jewel, and Inuyasha wants it to be full demon because he believes he isn't strong enough. During their journey a witch brings to life Kikyo, which is also Inuyasha's ex lover. throughout the series Inuyasha cant make up his mine about which girl he loves.
                   Soon they find out a very powerful demon Naraku, is after the shards and has many of them. Naraku was a human villain whom almost died but thanks to Kikyo saved him, Naraku wanted her so much he sacrificed himself to demons to become one. On the journey the Meet a perverted monk Miroku, a demon hunter Sango with pet demon cat kirara, and a little fox demon kid Shippo. Throughout their journey they get close to beating Naraku but never do, but the couples love grow each day, and I heard theres a second series not in English yet that finishes the series.
                  Characters: Inuyasha a half demon hated by boy sides, wants to be strong to prove everyone wrong even his brother.
                                    Kagome a young girl with a short temper which causes the whole jewel hunt.
                                    Sango a demon hunter whom watched her entire family die because of Naraku and watch her only family left her little brother be taken by Naraku.
                                    Miroku a perverted monk that likes grabbing butt and falls for Sango, he has a family curse from Naraku a black hole in his hand that one day will swallow him whole unless they kill Naraku.
                                   Shippo a fox demon kid which is orphaned and the group takes him with them.
                                   Kikyo the original protector of the jewel Naraku tricked her and Inuyasha into betraying each other.
                                  Kirara a fire demon cat that can grow to tiger size, Sango's pet and ride.
                   This anime series is a romance fantasy action comedy and a great watch with over 180 episodes and 4 movies.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anime: Puni Puni Poemi

              Sorry for the short post but this is a very short anime. Puni Puni Poemi is a series from the creators of Excel Saga, they even advertise it through the series. This series is 2 episodes, first lets you know about the characters, second finished the plot.
               This series  is even more random than Excel, it shows ton of fan service and is pretty much all about sex jokes. The series is about Poemi a girl whose parents die, then she starts living with her friend and many beautiful sisters. Her new family turns out to be protectors of the world with weird powers, and whenever Poemi activates her fish she becomes on of those sailor girls genre shows. Second episode she figures out who the villain is which is a guy friend at school, which tortures them all with anime style Hentai.
                 this show is crazy and makes you laugh like crazy, but since its so short i'd just watch it and not buy it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Manga: Dramacon

               Dramacon is a great romance manga, ill talk about the first manga to show you what its about.
               Dramacon is about a Christie and her boyfriend, they go to a convention where they try selling there first manga. Christie Friends also come, which are very rowdy bunch. Christie's boyfriend is a total jerk to her and ignores her half the trip, just to let you know he is her first. Christie meets a mysterious older guy in shades called Matt, Matt helps her with her boyfriend, which gets very jealous.
              Even with all this boyfriend nonsense she is left alone to take care of the booth, while her boyfriend flirts with girls and meets there manga idol. Christie's boyfriend comes back all pissed because there idol said he should take lessons because he has natural talent but still needs improvement. Finally Christie gets to walk around get pocky and meet her idol, which loves her story work.
              Christie's boyfriend gets very drunk with her friends, Christie takes a shower, when she comes out they fight and he tries to force himself on her. Christie runs to Matt and his sisters room, Matt goes all heroic and beats up her boyfriend.
               In the end they have to leave, she says her goodbyes but Matt doesn't make a move and makes excuses, Matt's Sister secretly gives Christie their phone number. Next book is even better Christie is more mature with a great female artist, but finds out Matt has a girlfriend, how will that turn out hehe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

                Rosario + Vampire is a anime about a human boy, and he is about to start school. Tsukune (the human boy) starts his first day in high school in Yokai Academy, and meets his first friend Moka; whom he finds out is a vampire who also loves his sweet human blood. Tsukune finds out Yokai school is a school for monsters and it was a mistake for him being there.
               Tsukune meets a new girl until he has a group of friends that will do anything to protect him and his secret.
                       Characters: Tsukune the only human at his school is slightly a pervert and isn't very strong.
                                          Moka is Tsukune's best friend and is a vampire whom really loves his blood. she also has a hidden power when ever her necklace is ripped off of her by a true love, she becomes full vampire and very powerful.
                                         Kurumu is a big breasted Succubus whom finds out Tsukune's secret later on, and is always trying to use her powers to make him love her.
                                         Ginei is a male werewolf and a peeping tom. He is also the leader of the newspaper club that Tsukune and friends join.
                                         Yukari is the newest of friends she is a 11 year old witch, most monsters hate witches because there so close to human. She gets teased a lot and Tsukune helps her out.
                                         Mizore is a abominable snow girl with snow powers she is the shyest of the group and gets a crush on Tsukune as well.
                      the group of friends usually have to defeat another monster in every episode because of Tsukune being attacked. there is a ton of pervertedness in this anime you see there underwear a lot, many times boobs bounce unnaturally. This anime is very funny though and I like the plot very much, I also like pervertedness but if you don't I suggest getting past it and watch the show for its true plot.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anime: Tenchi Muyo GXP

           Tenchi Muyo GXP is a spin off of Tenchi, revolving around completely different characters from the galaxy police. GXP has a similar plot one boy whom has a ton of crushes on him, even though he doesn't seem that cool of a guy.
           Seina is a clumsy boy whom luck is the worst; I mean so bad that he is literary is the unluckiest in the universe. Seina ends up signing himself to a military career, and finds out he is not just in military he becomes a galaxy police initiate. Seina meets a upper command blonde bombshell Amane, and a human friend whom he finds out is in GXP Kiriko. Soon Because Seina's bad luck he seems to attract pirates and becomes bait for the GXP. Seina becomes captain of his own bait ship along with his 2 friends by his side Amane and Kiriko whom seem to fight for him.
          Throughout the series Seina meets many enemy's and and many girls most of which become his friends or work on his team. One of which is Ryoko a different Ryoko not from the other series, Ryoko is a beautiful pirate whom Seina is suppose to capture. SPOILER: Seina's friends all of the female anyway; which turns ott to be like 6 or so, all marry Seina to cause galactic peace most of the women are high in politics or are princesses.
         Seina has a helper robot called NB whom malfunctions and gets a personality change, and becomes a pervert and peeping tom, NB tries selling Seina and his fellow recruits dirty videos of Kiriko and Amane.
This anime is very funny but i think its just a more perverted versions of the original Tenchi series, its not as good but still very funny.
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