Monday, January 3, 2011

Manga: Dramacon

               Dramacon is a great romance manga, ill talk about the first manga to show you what its about.
               Dramacon is about a Christie and her boyfriend, they go to a convention where they try selling there first manga. Christie Friends also come, which are very rowdy bunch. Christie's boyfriend is a total jerk to her and ignores her half the trip, just to let you know he is her first. Christie meets a mysterious older guy in shades called Matt, Matt helps her with her boyfriend, which gets very jealous.
              Even with all this boyfriend nonsense she is left alone to take care of the booth, while her boyfriend flirts with girls and meets there manga idol. Christie's boyfriend comes back all pissed because there idol said he should take lessons because he has natural talent but still needs improvement. Finally Christie gets to walk around get pocky and meet her idol, which loves her story work.
              Christie's boyfriend gets very drunk with her friends, Christie takes a shower, when she comes out they fight and he tries to force himself on her. Christie runs to Matt and his sisters room, Matt goes all heroic and beats up her boyfriend.
               In the end they have to leave, she says her goodbyes but Matt doesn't make a move and makes excuses, Matt's Sister secretly gives Christie their phone number. Next book is even better Christie is more mature with a great female artist, but finds out Matt has a girlfriend, how will that turn out hehe.

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