Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

                Rosario + Vampire is a anime about a human boy, and he is about to start school. Tsukune (the human boy) starts his first day in high school in Yokai Academy, and meets his first friend Moka; whom he finds out is a vampire who also loves his sweet human blood. Tsukune finds out Yokai school is a school for monsters and it was a mistake for him being there.
               Tsukune meets a new girl until he has a group of friends that will do anything to protect him and his secret.
                       Characters: Tsukune the only human at his school is slightly a pervert and isn't very strong.
                                          Moka is Tsukune's best friend and is a vampire whom really loves his blood. she also has a hidden power when ever her necklace is ripped off of her by a true love, she becomes full vampire and very powerful.
                                         Kurumu is a big breasted Succubus whom finds out Tsukune's secret later on, and is always trying to use her powers to make him love her.
                                         Ginei is a male werewolf and a peeping tom. He is also the leader of the newspaper club that Tsukune and friends join.
                                         Yukari is the newest of friends she is a 11 year old witch, most monsters hate witches because there so close to human. She gets teased a lot and Tsukune helps her out.
                                         Mizore is a abominable snow girl with snow powers she is the shyest of the group and gets a crush on Tsukune as well.
                      the group of friends usually have to defeat another monster in every episode because of Tsukune being attacked. there is a ton of pervertedness in this anime you see there underwear a lot, many times boobs bounce unnaturally. This anime is very funny though and I like the plot very much, I also like pervertedness but if you don't I suggest getting past it and watch the show for its true plot.

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