Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anime: Read or Die the TV

             R.O.D. is about the main protagonist Nenene a famous writer with writers block, ever since her friend went missing she just can't write till she finds out where she is at.
             Nenene goes to a book signing where a terrorist tried to kill here because he cant get his on book published even though he thinks its a masterpiece. The 3 ladies she had stayed the night before, because the terrorist blew up Nenene's hotel room. Michelle, Maggie, and Anita protected Nenene during the terrorist attack using paper powers. The three girls have paper powers depending on what there good at they can bend there paper to what they want even clothes.
             Michelle is a blonde klutz but is the leader and eldest of the three sisters, she bends paper for long range attacks like bow and arrows. Maggie the tallest sister kind of awkward likes dark small places, she makes huge objects like animals to help with moving around even flying. Anita the youngest is the weird one she absolutely hates and fears books, she uses her paper skills for close range cutting.
             Nenene's manager hires the three girls to protect her but she doesn't want the protection she is a strong woman but the girls end up living with Nenene, which she hates at first but grows to enjoy the sisters company. Most first part of the series is them getting use to each other and the occasional mission for money to retrieve artifacts for this mysterious group of people. The rest of the series is Nenene and the girls learning about the group, the sisters past, where Nenene's friend is, and the most interesting is a group that uses these books of there dead masters memories whom apparently was a genius. In the end of the series they want Nenene's brilliant mind to transfer their master into her.
            This is one of those stories that no matter what part its on it will have u hooked and feeling emotions to each part, happiness, sadness, loneliness, and victory and triumph.

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