Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho

            This is a pretty standard action anime in a lot ways like Dragon Ball, good guy fights evil he gets stronger beats evil; rinse and repeat. The cool thing about this anime it also has a story and twist to go with it even a little romance.
            The story starts with the main character Yusuke dieing, yes dieing, Whom as a spirit meets Botan a beautiful girl who turns out to be the grim reaper. Yusuke is a delinquent child that gets into fights and skips school, only reason he dies is because he is nice once and saves a kid from being ran over, the ironic part being is the kid would of been missed and Yusuke died for no reason.
          The first season is all about finding a way to bring him back to life, which is done by help of his more than friend Keiko. the season on up is Yusuke and a few friends using spirit powers; 2 of which are demons fighting battles as spirit detectives. By the way if u watched fruit baskets you can recognize Tohru and Keiko have the same voice actress.
         The series may have pretty obvious fights like most action shows, it still has great funny moments and will have you rooting for Keiko and Yusuke to finally get over their shyness and date. I definitely recommend this nearly 200 episode series, and to make sure you don't feel disappointed yes there is a decent ending to this long series.
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