Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anime: Tenchi Muyo GXP

           Tenchi Muyo GXP is a spin off of Tenchi, revolving around completely different characters from the galaxy police. GXP has a similar plot one boy whom has a ton of crushes on him, even though he doesn't seem that cool of a guy.
           Seina is a clumsy boy whom luck is the worst; I mean so bad that he is literary is the unluckiest in the universe. Seina ends up signing himself to a military career, and finds out he is not just in military he becomes a galaxy police initiate. Seina meets a upper command blonde bombshell Amane, and a human friend whom he finds out is in GXP Kiriko. Soon Because Seina's bad luck he seems to attract pirates and becomes bait for the GXP. Seina becomes captain of his own bait ship along with his 2 friends by his side Amane and Kiriko whom seem to fight for him.
          Throughout the series Seina meets many enemy's and and many girls most of which become his friends or work on his team. One of which is Ryoko a different Ryoko not from the other series, Ryoko is a beautiful pirate whom Seina is suppose to capture. SPOILER: Seina's friends all of the female anyway; which turns ott to be like 6 or so, all marry Seina to cause galactic peace most of the women are high in politics or are princesses.
         Seina has a helper robot called NB whom malfunctions and gets a personality change, and becomes a pervert and peeping tom, NB tries selling Seina and his fellow recruits dirty videos of Kiriko and Amane.
This anime is very funny but i think its just a more perverted versions of the original Tenchi series, its not as good but still very funny.

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