Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anime: Inuyasha

            Most people know Inuyasha but i still want to talk about it since it was my favorite for many years.
            It starts out as a young girl Kagome, and she falls down a well. The well takes her to the feudal era, where demons still exist. There she meets a half dog demon Inuyasha, whom first tries to kill her for the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. A demon bird steals it, Kagome gets the idea to use its leg they chopped off to shoot a homing arrow, which shatters the jewel across the world.
          Inuyasha and Kagome have to get along to get the jewel, which Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo the priestess protector of the jewel, and Inuyasha wants it to be full demon because he believes he isn't strong enough. During their journey a witch brings to life Kikyo, which is also Inuyasha's ex lover. throughout the series Inuyasha cant make up his mine about which girl he loves.
                   Soon they find out a very powerful demon Naraku, is after the shards and has many of them. Naraku was a human villain whom almost died but thanks to Kikyo saved him, Naraku wanted her so much he sacrificed himself to demons to become one. On the journey the Meet a perverted monk Miroku, a demon hunter Sango with pet demon cat kirara, and a little fox demon kid Shippo. Throughout their journey they get close to beating Naraku but never do, but the couples love grow each day, and I heard theres a second series not in English yet that finishes the series.
                  Characters: Inuyasha a half demon hated by boy sides, wants to be strong to prove everyone wrong even his brother.
                                    Kagome a young girl with a short temper which causes the whole jewel hunt.
                                    Sango a demon hunter whom watched her entire family die because of Naraku and watch her only family left her little brother be taken by Naraku.
                                    Miroku a perverted monk that likes grabbing butt and falls for Sango, he has a family curse from Naraku a black hole in his hand that one day will swallow him whole unless they kill Naraku.
                                   Shippo a fox demon kid which is orphaned and the group takes him with them.
                                   Kikyo the original protector of the jewel Naraku tricked her and Inuyasha into betraying each other.
                                  Kirara a fire demon cat that can grow to tiger size, Sango's pet and ride.
                   This anime series is a romance fantasy action comedy and a great watch with over 180 episodes and 4 movies.

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