Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anime: FLCL

              FLCL is a zany anime about 6 episodes, its about a young boy and a older alien women and a bunch of randomness.
              Naota is 12 years old a normal boy living a boring life, there are rumors of a Vespa woman (Wasp) which gives you a hickey type mark on your neck. Naota after school walking home gets hit by Haruko a 20 year old alien woman in a scooter.
              Naota goes home annoyed and weirded out with a mark on his forehead which he covers with a band aid. The next day he goes to school and is called a pervert and was bitten by the Vespa woman.
            I should mention there is a mechanica factory in there town which is very eerie. Mamimi is Naota's older friend and and ex to his brother. The mark on Naota's gets bigger and soon sprouts the first robot out of his head called Canti, which Mamimi thinks is a fire angel and some sort of protector. Haruko The alien stays at Naota's house as the maid and lives in his room.
          Haruko is looking for what seems like a boyfriend or a man she lost, and Naota fuses with Canti to create that guy, and summons a guitar out of his head and uses it as a bat, to deflect a meteor from hitting his city. Naota love Haruko but she doesn't want him, she wants the guy shes been looking for. Haruko leaves and thats pretty much the end.
             FLCL has many random scenes, and can be very perverted. Its the type of show that u have to watch at least three times in order to get it but many I spoken to loves the show.

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