Friday, January 28, 2011

Anime: Samurai Champloo

Left to Right: Jin, Mugen, Fuu
       Samurai Champloo is a action packed comedy from the creator of Cowboy Bebop. Before I tell you more about the show, I want to explain the characters. Fuu a young girl who is cute a little naive and is always hungry, her main mission is to find a samurai  that smells of sunflowers. Jin is a stoic Samurai, whom is more like a traditional Samurai and is smartest of the group. Mugen was pretty much raised as a orphan and fighting style shows it, Mugen is a leach, a drunk, and easily to anger and just loves to fight and be stronger than others.
      Fuu's mom died recently and she lives with a couple she works for in a restaurant. A group of rich pompous gentleman start a fight while Mugen is there, Mugen breaks in and a whole huge mess starts to happen in the restaurant. During this fight a fire starts, during this fire Jin comes in wanting a drink not even paying attention to the fire. Mugen and Jin start to fight, Mugen just likes Jin's capability and Jin is just defending himself. They fight until the smoke suffocates them, and wake up in jail going to be killed for murder of the guy burned in the fire.
     Fuu rescues them on a couple conditions, first no killing each other, and to be her body guards as they look for to find the sunflower samurai. During the journey they have man obstacles cool battles and funny moments. Every port or place they go either the guards get drunk or get in some sort of trouble, or they out of money and starving. The anime is narrated by the cop who is following them trying to capture them.
   &nbrp;The show is great and I suggest watching it from beginning to end, can you guess who the samurai their  looking for is?


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