Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anime: Soul Eater

     First I want to say sorry for not writing in a while. Okay Soul Eater is a action comedy with a creepy undertone, its about Death and his academy of students of weapons and weapon masters. There are main Student characters; Master Characters: Maka, Black Star, And Kid son of death. Weapon Characters: Soul Eater, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty Thompson. There are other students but these are the main 6 you see throughout the series. The main plot is a weapon student must collect 99 Keishen souls(or nearly evil souls) and 1 witch soul to become a strong official Death scythe.

Through out the series they all deal with emotional and physical barriers some of which is defeating evil witches, defeating a full fledged Keishen, Soul Eater being consumed by a evil demon, Black Star not dealing with a lose, and Kid hating un-symmetry. This is a great action packed anime in a creepy Halloween type setting, which is why I love it, if I were you I'd go watch this asap.

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