Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Behind Sakura’s Confession

Sai went up to Naruto and deliver a message about what’s behind Sakura’s confession. Apparently, Sakura’s true plan is to have Sasuke killed, either by Naruto or anyone particularly from the village. Sasuke is now a missing nin, a criminal, an Akatsuki member. If you understand the Ninja code of discipline, you would also think that Sasuke deserves a punishment. And if you would ask me, I think it’s just appropriate that Sasuke be the super villain till the end of Naruto. In the current scenario, all he has is hate for his village, all hate and nothing else.
Anyway, because Naruto refuses Sakura’s proposal to forget about his promise and go against Sasuke, she’s making a move herself together with other batchmates. And while Naruto already knows about it, we don’t know what’s gonna be his new.
Meanwhile, it looks like Danzo lost a position of a Hokage and Kakashi is the next in line. Or could it be Naruto?
If Naruto becomes the new Hokage, which looks likely to happen, it will also mean that anything he says shall be followed by his people. His decisions will be respected, and if he still plans to prove that there’s still some goodness in Sasuke’s heart, everything could be reversed. But I don’t know. I maybe overthinking things.

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